Sustainability Powers Luxury Living at Farmers Park

Sustainability is coming into its own as a major player in our economy, and Farmers Park is excited to play our part as we embrace a future fueled by renewable energy and sustainable design.

Here are just a few ways our commitment to green building and energy efficiency benefit the residents of our eco-friendly apartments and businesses that call our community home.

LEED Certification for Building B

Farmers Park Building B, which is home to our community’s leasing office, recently earned LEED Silver certification. Businesses located in Building B include 5908 InteriorsSpencer Fane, and more.

With the new certification, Farmers Park joins over 17.1 billion square feet of building space around the world that has already attained LEED status, with about 2.2 million new square feet coming onboard each day.

Why does sustainable building design make sense for the economy and the environment?

  • Investing in green technology increases property value and lowers operating costs. Between 2015 and 2018, LEED buildings in the United States will save $1.2 billion on energy, $149.5 million on water, $715.2 million on maintenance, and $54.2 million on waste.
  • In addition, LEED-certified buildings have 34% lower CO2 emissions, consume 25% less energy, use 11% less water, and have diverted 80 million tons of waste from our landfills.

More Solar Panels Come to Farmers Park

Our newest building at Farmers Park, opening later in 2017, features rooftop solar panels providing clean energy to the businesses located inside.

That’s in addition to the 110 solar panels already added to Building B back in the fall of 2016. As reported in a feature on KY3, these existing panels are expected to generate 42,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year. That’s the equivalent of planting 800 trees, taking 150 cars off the road, or eliminating 12 railcars worth of coal.

Farmers Park Developer, Matt O’Reilly, says the solar energy business is booming in Springfield, as costs come down and become more competitive with traditional energy sources. And Springfield is not alone in the move to solar as a leading source of sustainable energy.

  • The solar power industry provides over 260,000 U.S. jobs.
  • Solar added 4,143 megawatts of power in the United States between July and September 2016.
  • Between January and September 2016, solar represented 39% of all new energy capacity added in the U.S.
  • Environmental benefits of solar power include lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced air and water pollution.

Sustainable Design

The buildings that house our luxury, eco-friendly apartments feature many sustainable design features that support the lifestyle our residents enjoy:

  • Nest Thermostats to cut costs on AC and heat
  • Energy Star appliances
  • White membrane roofs to reflect heat
  • Air Plus for indoor air quality
  • Low VOC-emitting finishes
  • Double-pane ceiling to floor windows for natural light
  • Motion sensor hallways to cut down on electricity costs
  • Water-efficient faucets
  • Bike community with bike and rec storage
  • RUBS billing system to keep costs low on electricity, water, and sewer for residents.
  • Less drive time — with so many great restaurants and retail businesses located onsite, there’s less need for residents to crank the car for dining and shopping needs!

Want to join us as we move toward a cleaner future together? Contact us at any time to learn more about the upscale, eco-friendly apartments at Farmers Park!

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