Building Community Through Public Art at Farmers Park

It’s no secret that we love sharing art with our community. There’s something about the act of creating that brings us together like nothing else can, inspiring us to find the beauty in all corners of the earth.

You don’t need to leave the Queen City to find art that provokes your senses. From the famed Cloud House to our whimsical Harmony Park, art is one of the key features of Farmers Park.

Read on to learn why art is such a fixture of Farmers Park and discover the works that live here.

Why does public art matter?

We could never run out of reasons why public art matters so much to us. However, we’ve listed some of the top benefits for you:

  • It brings people here. Consider Cloud Gate in Chicago, affectionately referred as “The Bean”. If you’ve ever been to Chicago before, it was probably a destination on your itinerary. Whether it’s a massive reflective sculpture or the world’s (second) largest fork, art has a way of making you stop and stare. Plus, in the age of Instagram, a good photo opportunity is practically priceless.
  • It makes people stay. In 2017, the Arts and Economic Prosperity study found that nearly $27 million was spent on the Springfield art industry, and 1,065 local jobs were supported by the arts. Art not only gives people jobs, it gives them another reason to love Springfield. Fostering a fun, artistic culture draws people into the city while giving our locals plenty to do right nearby.
  • It brings a calming energy. Every doctor’s office you’ve been in probably had a painting on their office wall or in the lobby. Why is that? It’s a known fact that art helps us de-stress, to calm down and become peaceful. We’ve got good news for our friends working in the offices at Farmers Park too: one study has shown that viewing art during a work day was able to decrease stress levels.
  • It’s open to all. You don’t have to buy tickets or dress up to see public art. You can visit when the sun rises before you get to work, or go for a leisurely walk around after dinner. No matter your background, you can feel welcome enjoying this art.

Art in Farmers Park

Wondering what you might see the next time you swing by Farmers Park? Discover a little more about the art that finds its home here:


One of the agricultural pieces found at Farmers Park, the Frankentractor pays homage to the work of the farmer. Explore the found and fabricated parts that come together to create this unique sculpture. You might just find something new each time you stop by.

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Cloud House

Surround yourself with the peaceful sounds of rain on a tin roof while connecting to the world around you at the Cloud House. This one-of-a-kind piece triggers a rainstorm when one sits down in the rocking chairs inside, watering edible plants nearby and reminding us of our dependence on the water cycle. Step inside this internationally recognized house and see it for yourself.

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Harmony Park

You don’t need to be a trained musician to try your hand at Harmony Park. People of all ages and abilities can take a break and play a beautiful melody on these expertly-tuned chimes. Who knows, you may just discover your knack for music.

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Jumping Fountains

While we may never beat Kansas City for the title of City of Fountains, you can still find some stunning springing water right here. Our jumping fountains/splash pads are open during the summer for everyone to enjoy. Cool off from a hot day or just watch the water jump and rise.

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Art Show & Other Exhibits

Looking to see even more art in Springfield MO? Every year, Farmers Park hosts its annual art show, where local artists present a variety of works across several different mediums. Be sure to check out our calendar and see when the next art show is!

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Farmers Park also offers several year-round art features. For instance, outside of Cast Coworkspace is the poignant display titled “Shoot Portraits, Not People,” consisting of weapons created entirely by pieces of cameras. At almost every residential and commercial tenant you visit at Farmers Park, you’re sure to find something unique.


Curious about how you can become part of the Farmers Park lifestyle?

Contact Farmers Park today. All office dwellers, apartment hunters and art fanatics alike, we’re here to answer your questions.

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