Places to Eat, Drink, Shop & Work

Farmers Park is a walkable neighborhood, a sustainably-designed urban haven, a community of go-getters. We’ve got dining, fashion, home decor, wellness services and offices all in one place. Find whatever it is you need (or want) at the Park.

people around table toasting glasses of beer

Eats + Drinks

We want meals made from scratch, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and inspired cuisine. Ditto? Find places to eat and drink at Farmers Park.

row of black barber shop chairs surrounded by mirrors

Local Services

We prefer locally-owned businesses that are on-trend and pampering services that feel luxurious. Whether you need a massage, wax, or haircut we’ve got you covered at Farmers Park.

waiting room and conference room with glass doors


We’d rather innovate with peers across a communal coffee pot, kick off our shoes and work curled up on the couch and run errands without having to jump in the car. Maybe it’s just us, but probably not. It’s why we’ve got it all, even rentable workspace and quality commercial amenities, like banking and legal services, at the Park. Looking for a place to work? Join us. 

Bring your business to
Farmers Park