Public Art

Public art is for everyone. It’s a reminder of simpler times or our connection to the environment, a conversation starter and a way to communicate with others. It transforms space and delights participants. At Farmers Park, we’ve always been dedicated to bringing inventiveness and the arts together in a way that combines practicality with imagination. We hope that by bringing interactive, outdoor art into our community, we can inspire and enrich the lives of our fellow humans. Find out what’s in store.


Interactive Art

Cloud House

Quiet rocking in a wooden barn, sounds of soft rain falling on a tin roof, food growing in planters on the window sill and drinking up the rain. It sounds like a rural scene from a storybook. In fact, it’s what you’ll experience inside the Cloud House–a bigger-than-life sculpture by artist Matthew Mazzotta that sits directly in front of the community gardens on the southwest end of Farmers Park. This display is an ode to the water cycle and is meant to illustrate our connection with and dependence on nature. Harvest edibles from the windows and bask in the wonder that is the Cloud House next time you visit.


Interactive Art

Jumping Fountains

Fountains are monuments to the fascination of water, taking it out of the context of every-day usefulness and providing an opportunity for humans to appreciate the power and attraction of water. They soothe and relax, inspire reflection and are a source of beauty. Plus, they’re just so dang fun to run through. Our Jumping Fountains at the Park are aesthetic, functional and conservative, typically on for 30 minutes and off for 15. Throughout the summer months, you can bring your family by to play and splash in the active jets. We think it’s one of the coolest ways to get to know your neighbors. Check out our events page to learn when the piece is on display.


Interactive Art

Harmony Park

Imagine low, resonant tones emitting from chimes towering 7 to 9 feet tall, or even higher-pitched sounds vocalized through abstract art. Sound appealing? You’re imagining the interactive sound sculptures of Harmony Park. Here, visitors of all ages and abilities can play and create music suited to their ears. Pick up a mallet and play until the cows come home. These outdoor instruments by Freenotes Harmony Park are durable, sustainable and perfectly tuned.


Interactive Art


By transforming everyday objects into the extraordinary, we spark imagination and wonder. This rings true for the Frankentractor, a visual integration of objects that have overcome time, Mother Nature and even man himself. This art installation by Colorado-based Mark Cesark is reminiscent of the rich agricultural history of the Ozarks and surprises audiences of all ages. See, touch and revel in its imagery. Explore every knob, latch and lever. It might just be decorated with hidden gems and disguised meaning. You’ll just have to see and experience it for yourself.

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