Farmers Park is a local food hub, an interconnected trail system, a community of art-enthusiasts. We’ve got green space, public art, Greenway Trails and community gardens all in one place. Enjoy the great outdoors at the Park. 

wooden house with cloud sculpture in Springfield MO
Farm Fresh Goodness

Farm Fresh Goodness

We’ve got a taste for local produce and knowing our farmers on a first name basis. Find heirloom fruits and vegetables, sustainably-sourced meats and cheeses, gifts from local artisans and more at our year-round farmers market. 

man in blue striped shirt standing in farmers market space

Farmers Market of the Ozarks

The Farmers Market of the Ozarks is more than a grocery run. It’s a platform to help strengthen our local economy, a place to find real food and a venue for making memories. So share the morning with your neighbors and loved ones. Live healthier. Visit our market.

Public Art

Public Art

We crave art that we can interact with, art that’s accessible and art that gets us thinking and feeling. Find world-renowned sculptures that peak your senses and structures that might teach you a thing or two about living. Visit our artful community


Cloud House

Cloud House is a visual spectacle, as well as a deeper poetic experience that echoes our connection to the natural world and the resources that make it possible to grow the food we eat. Believe us, this whimsical and visually uplifting structure will wow. Experience it for yourself.


Jumping Fountains

Public fountains come in all shapes and sizes: from a slight trickle to a cascading flow or a gushing geyser. But they all offer an element of surprise and wonder for young and old alike, just like our other forms of interactive art. This kid-friendly splash pad, right outside the Farmers Market of the Ozarks, is a fun way to cool down and keep the kids occupied all season long. Take a dip!


Harmony Park

Designed with acoustic precision and perfect tone, our Harmony Park outdoor instruments are built to maintain pure and soothing tones through years of play and exposure to the elements. Plus, they’re perfect for musical beginners and experts alike. Give ’em a go.



Made from found and scrap steel, the Frankentractor combines practicality with imagination, and is reminiscent of our rich agricultural history in the Ozarks. Make sure to explore every latch and lever when you see it. You never know what Easter eggs might be hidden in this art piece.


The Pollinator

Spanning three stories, this is the largest piece of artwork here at Farmers Park. In this piece artist Jason Jones shows the juxtaposition of nature made versus man-made and how those can coincide together.


Cucumber TNT

Artist Jason Jones challenges us to not underestimate the power of vegetables.

Community Gardens + Trails

Community Gardens + Greenway Trails

We mix gardens and trails into our urban space, so sustainability becomes second nature. It also helps reduce the need for motorized transportation, inspires more activity and creates more involved communities. You don’t want to miss out on our Greenway Trails and gardens.


Community Gardens

Urban community gardens like ours offer individuals and businesses unique opportunities for recycling and reusing local resources, growing fresh, affordable produce and beautifying the community. Start growing!



Our trails help create important links between Queen City’s green spaces, including parks, recreational areas and other community gardens. Get walking (or riding)!

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