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Space With Purpose

Our Mission

We spark intentional communities. We connect Queen City dwellers to their neighbors, entrepreneurs, green space and real food. As a mixed-use development we blend urban amenities with nature and usable farmland. Farmers Park is an open-air neighborhood that brings people together in work, play and life. We’re a connective space with outdoors access, cultural arts, dining, shopping, housing and jobs all in one place. We value value, connectedness and lifelong learning, and we’re constantly seeking like minds to join us at the Park.

We believe in 

Bringing People Together Through Quality

We believe in 

Bringing People Together Through Education

We believe in

Bringing People Together Through Community




Farmers Park is a community, and then some. We’re a group of hungry individuals that aim to inspire a new kind of Springfield, MO: one that connects much more often with the things that matter most. If you’re a chill-seeker, urban hiker, a tree-hugger, food lover or a go-getter, you’re our kind of human. We could use a little more you at the Park. Take part. Come by often. Engage in our community.




Brands with vision. Spaces with taste. People with brain and drive. We’re obsessed with quality … well, everything. You’ll notice it in our architecture and our luxury apartments, trails, shops and services. In fact, the Farmers Park team hand-selects every art sculpture and storefront that adorns Farmers Park, because we believe our external space reflects our internal state. It’s why we curate quality in everything.




We strive to be better humans to Mother Earth. We continuously find ways to ensure a livable, self-sustaining community over the long term. It’s why we already incorporate local food, community gardens, micro-orchards, low water irrigation systems and drought-resistant vegetation, white membrane roofing, walkable and bikeable trails, bicycle storage and recycling into our mixed-use community.

Plus, we installed 120 solar panels. These solar panels will provide approximately 42,000 kilowatt hours of renewable electricity for the Park annually. That’s a carbon footprint reduction equivalent to planting 771 trees! And we have even more sustainability projects in the works.

We believe good land-use planning helps improve the welfare of people and their communities, shaping urban areas and neighborhoods into healthier, more efficient spaces. That’s the vision we have for our mixed-use community. Not because it’s trendy, but because it’s the right thing to do.