Savor the Love at Farmers Park Community Gardens

The Community Garden at Farmers Park is just one of the many ways we support a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for residents of our luxury apartments while giving back to our community.

Individual garden plots provide space for individuals, groups and families to grow their own fresh organic vegetables.

The Gardens also play host to a bounty of activities that benefit all of our neighbors throughout the Springfield area.

On June 3, everyone is invited to take part in the invigorating Yoga Love 5K benefitting Harmony House. Throughout the year, the interactive Cloud House sculpture beckons residents and visitors alike to get in touch with nature and connect with simpler times.

Feel the Energy at the 2nd Annual Yoga Love 5K

Show your love for Harmony House and get energized by this yoga-infused non-competitive run on Saturday, June 23 at Farmers Park.

The 5K run begins at 8 a.m. and culminates with a graceful vinyasa flow where you can soak in the beauty of the Farmers Park Community Gardens.

All proceeds from the $30 race fee, minus the cost of your Yoga Love 5K tank or t-shirt, goes to Harmony House, with special emphasis on the Children’s Program.

  • All ages invited to participate
  • All Farmers Park vendors open with fresh veggies and tasty treats
  • Live music for your enjoyment
  • Activity Expo with kids’ yoga, hula hooping demo/play area and a photo booth
  • Meditation gong immersion in the Cloud House with the incredible Cheryl Hemmert

If you want to volunteer and make this yoga 5k an extra special event, contact jasmine@swanndermatology.com for details.

Get Immersed in the Experiential Art of Cloud House

Created by Massachusetts artist Matthew Mazzotta, Cloud House creates a poetic experience that reacquaints participants with the natural resources that sustain all life on Earth, including our own.

Step inside the nostalgic wooden barn that echoes with the simplicity of Ozarks farm life, sit back in one of the old fashioned rocking chairs, and feel the gentle sound of rain falling from the curious cloud suspended above onto the old-fashioned tin roof.

Then watch as raindrops water the fresh mint growing in wooden planters in the windows on either side of the house.

Located in front of the Farmers Park Community Gardens, Cloud House is a simple interactive structure echoing our eternal connection to the natural world.

Community Gardens Nourish Sustainable Organic Gardening


Community gardeners at Farmers Park care for and harvest organic vegetables and herbs from one of 13 separate garden plots. Shared spaces like pathways, a garden box and gathering spaces are cared for by all members.

As our gardeners have discovered for themselves and many studies have found, community gardens enhance neighborhood quality and residents’ health.

Jill Litt, Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of Public Health, says that people of all ages, races, socioeconomic circumstances and educational backgrounds can benefit from community gardening participation.

For one thing, gardeners are more likely to get enough fruits and veggies. In addition, the garden setting creates cultural, sociological and ecological connections among neighbors.

At Farmers Park, it’s our vision to create and cultivate a thriving, life-long network of local gardeners. It’s a great way to encourage wise care and enhancement of urban land in Springfield, link community-owned gardens with local food systems and foster environmental stewardship as a way of life.


Want to learn more about the Yoga Love 5K, Cloud House, or the benefits of our Community Gardens? Interested in joining Farmers Park as a resident of our luxury apartments?

Get in touch with us today. We look forward to sharing more information with you about our Community Gardens and welcoming you to our sustainable, mixed-use community.

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