10 Things We Love About Farmers Park

It’s that time of year—supermarket aisles are hued in pink and red, all of your favorite candies are being sold in heart-shaped boxes, and your email inbox is full of bouquet delivery offers from your local florist. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many are preparing to spend quality time with family members, friends, or significant others. Our Valentine this year is obvious: the folks at Farmers Park! In honor of the holiday, we’re taking some time to tell you the top 10 things we love about working, living, and relaxing at Farmers Park.

1. Plenty of Public Art

If you’re looking to spend a day surrounded by innovative art, you’ve come to the right place. From a harmonic park to a tractor made of found materials, you’ll find something new at every corner. Check out the nationally renowned Cloud House and observe our reliance on the water cycle or splash around in the refreshing jumping fountains. It’s a can’t-miss destination for all art connoisseurs.

2. Local Food & Fun

What would Farmers Park be without its farmers? Thanks to Farmers Market of the Ozarks, we’re home to Springfield’s largest farmers market, with vendors selling vegetables, fruits, plants, unique art, handmade clothing, local concessions and more. If the winter chill ever gets you down, don’t worry. We’re also the first farmers market in the region to be housed in a year-round heated pavilion, helping you stay cozy while you shop local.

3. Parties at the Park

Every third Thursday from May through August, the best party in town kicks off at Farmers Park. With local vendors, live music, food trucks, and more, you can’t miss this fun evening event. There’s plenty for the whole family, including cold brews for the adults and a refreshing splash pad for the kids.

4. Even More Events

The party doesn’t stop when Parties at the Park ends. We’ve got events year-round to keep you entertained and excited to visit Farmers Park. Start penciling these dates on your calendar:

  • Annual Art Show – October
  • Taco Tuesday Bike Ride – April-October
  • Yoga in the Park – April-September
  • Parties in the Dark – October
  • Lights & Flights – November

5. The Swankiest Apartments Around

Tired of making the drive to your favorite restaurants and retail destinations? Live in luxury at Farmers Park apartments above our retail and commercial spaces. With our modern appliances, natural lighting, outdoor spaces, and high-end materials, you can be sure you won’t find a place like this anywhere else (well, maybe Quarry Town).

6. Room to Hike & Bike

Farmers Park is only a jump and a skip away from some of the best trails in the town—we’re situated near the Springfield Conservation Nature Center and Ozarks Greenway Trail system. At the Nature Center, you’ll find dozens of short trails for you to travel on foot, or you can hop on your bike and trek across the 70+ miles of Greenway Trails. It’s a great way to hit your daily step goals!

7. Organic Community Gardens

When we say we’re growing, we mean it in every sense of the word. We offer 13 free community gardens on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who are interested. Looking for a spot to grow fresh basil for your pesto? Let us know, and we’ll update you when the sign-ups open.

8. Cutting Edge Industries & Technology

The businesses at Farmers Park are known for having their finger on the pulse of the coolest advancements and latest tech. Whether that’s designing unique portraits of your DNA, building a groundbreaking preschool curriculum, or creating a community space for freelancers and remote employees to gather, you’ll find the next big trend right here. Plus, if you’re looking for a place to expand your business, rest assured you’ll be in the company of fellow innovators and disruptors at Farmers Park.

9. Reducing, Reusing & Recycling

Sustainability is at the core of all we do at Farmers Park, from our solar-paneled roof to our emphasis on local foods and community gardens. To help our residents achieve their sustainability goals, we offer a recycling program and encourage our resident businesses to do the same. Together, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help heal the earth.

10. It’s the Best Place to Be

Driving across town to find everything you want? No thanks. We understand the importance of having it all in one location. You want a staycation in town? We got it. You want a local brunch with the finest crepes in town? Ding. Work, play, and life all come together to create a home at Farmers Park.

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