Technology Helps Bring Sustainability, Security, Convenience to Farmers Park Residents

Luxury living at Farmers Park means enhancing the quality of life of our residents — and of our neighbors around the world.

That’s why we invest in helpful apartment technology that minimizes our environmental impact — while helping to provide security and convenience for everyone living in our vibrant, multi-use community.

Green Apartment Technology Saves Money and Reduces Carbon Emissions

At Farmers Park, we proudly embrace renewable sources of energy as a cleaner, more cost-efficient alternative to fossil fuels.

Our sustainable living efforts took a big step forward in August 2016 with the installation of 110 solar panels on top of Building B, serving the building’s lighting needs, common areas, lobbies, and HVAC systems.

  • The panels were expected to provide 42,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year.
  • That’s the equivalent of planting 800 trees.
  • They offer the energy savings of taking 150 cars off the road or avoiding 12 rail cars of coal.

More solar panels are on the way in the spring of 2017!

Besides our investment in solar technology, every residential unit includes features that offer energy savings and health benefits for our residents.

  • The programmable Nest® thermostat adapts as it learns to automatically adjust indoor temperature according to the resident’s lifestyle.
  • Farmers Park has earned the EPA’s Energy Star rating to maximize energy efficiency.
  • We have also earned the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS rating, which means that our buildings are specifically constructed to protect residents and visitors from moisture, mold, radon, pest-related contaminants, combustion gases, and other harmful pollutants.

Advanced Security Features Help Keep You Safe

Farmers Park also invests in apartment technology that helps ensure that only residents and other authorized individuals can enter individual apartments and indoor common areas.

  • All apartment units are guarded by wireless access control.
  • Secure lobby spaces offer even further protection for residents and guests alike.

Apartment Technology Keeps You Connected, Informed & Entertained

Farmers Park invests in advanced media technologies that keep residents connected and engaged with family, friends, work, and community.

Every sustainable living apartment comes equipped with features that deliver the information residents need and the entertainment they enjoy:

  • High-speed fiber Internet
  • DirecTV
  • Enhanced audio/video

At Farmers Park, we’re committed to delivering an active, sustainable lifestyle that benefits all of our residents, guests, employees, and the world beyond.

Contact us to learn more about our investments in green apartment technology that promotes sustainability, security, and convenience.

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