Professionals Decompress for Success at Cast Coworkspaces and Executive Office Suites

Let’s face it — we all want to climb the ladder of success. The question is, where’s the best place to carve out your own inspiring journey to the top in today’s ever-evolving market?

For remote software developer Jordan Morgan of Springfield, Missouri, Cast Coworkspace at Farmers Park, a vibrant mixed-use community in this fast-growing Midwestern metro area, was the right choice for connecting with peers and boosting productivity, along with other special perks for Cast members.

Coworking spaces like Cast Coworkspace and Cast Executive, also at Farmers Park, take the stress out of traditional office-hunting for the savvy solopreneur with big ideas, the hot startup looking to make a splash, and the established firm wanting to keep its legacy moving.

Featuring a state-of-the-art open office design and communal, collaborative spaces where creativity abounds, more than 2,300 coworking spaces had sprung up worldwide by 2017.

In the office world, coworking spaces and open office layouts are contemporary concepts, and fit the unique needs of individuals with contemporary jobs. For example, professionals like Jordan, working for all-remote organizations like Buffer. Jordan is a remote iOS Engineer, and works on the company’s iOS app from his office at Cast.

Global research by Deskmag and Deskwanted reveals that workers enjoy a number of benefits once they move into a coworking space:

  • 74% are more productive
  • 86% have a larger business network
  • 93% have a bigger social network
  • Over ⅔ feel more creative and collaborate on more projects
  • ⅓ report higher income

Springfield Entrepreneurs Build Something Special at Cast Coworkspace

Freelancers and small businesses thrive in the progressive business environment at Cast Coworkspace in Farmers Park.

The blossoming of the gig economy in Springfield and around the globe means that more and more independent professionals now provide valuable services on a contract basis.

Traditionally, the high cost of office space has meant setting up shop in the basement, or perhaps down at the corner coffee house.

But working from home left Jordan missing the “human connection” that comes with interacting with colleagues during “water cooler chats or playing ping pong in between tasks.”

He also felt that the barrier between work and home was “too ambiguous. It confused my kids as to why I was home but couldn’t really give them my attention and I also forgot what the outside world looked like after spending a week straight without leaving my house.”

But coworking spaces like Cast give remote workers like Jordan, along with more than 40 million self-employed Americans and small firms, an affordable and flexible alternative where their talents can flourish in an open office setting — without worrying about where to plug in.

By the day or by the month, Cast members rent space on a part-time or full-time basis. It’s a range of options that fits the needs of the individual business.

Jordan cites making new friends and getting to work in a modern, contemporary space as key benefits of coworking, along with the discounts he enjoys from Farmers Park merchants, especially locally-owned businesses like The Press Coffee and Juice Bar.

Cast members have access to a lot of amenities that are tailor-made for maximizing interaction, creativity and productivity while minimizing day-to-day workplace stress.

  • Conference room. With a spacious table and comfy chairs, this soundproof room accommodates 10-20 peers and includes advanced teleconference and video conference technology.
  • Printing station. When Cast members need to impress on paper, they’ve got easy access to a commercial scanner and printer, along with stationery supplies for presentations, memos and reports.
  • Meeting rooms. Great minds come together in these well-appointed multi-use spaces that accommodate meetings of varying sizes. Privacy blinds keep prying eyes from eavesdropping on brainstorming sessions, while conference call capabilities, full audio-visual setup and Apple TV keep members connected to peers around the world.
  • Communal workspace. Cast members feel the creative energy as they connect to one of 2 plug-ins along with high-speed wifi at each roomy desk while sitting in a comfortable office chair.
  • Kitchen. When it’s time for a little brain food, members can prep or store their favorite eats in the Cast kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave and more.

Companies Take the Lead at Cast Executive Suites

As the number of coworking spaces expands, many organizations are discovering that the benefits are not just for freelancers. Corporate businesses have increasingly begun adopting this new approach to executive office space, driven by a number of growth factors:

  • Flexibility
  • Lower costs
  • Emphasis on employee values
  • Drive toward innovation

Cast Executive offers a fresh solution for Springfield managers in search of the perfect office space for providing the leadership their organizations need to succeed.

  • Cast Executive members make important decisions and protect their most valuable business assets in private, secure and lockable office suites.
  • Offices are designed with productivity in mind. Companies enjoy open floor plans with lots of places to plug in and work in a collaborative, social setting that promotes camaraderie and trust among colleagues.
  • Unfurnished suites let members show off their own brand personalities through customized office design.
  • It’s an atmosphere that exudes confidence, with a professional blend of warm woods, industrial metals, classic neutrals and accent colors that inspire and motivate.

By removing the stress and expense from traditional office hunting, it’s no wonder this innovative concept in coworking and executive space that has found a home right here at Farmers Park in the Ozarks.

Cast provides a one-of-a-kind, special place where original, homegrown ideas can take shape and firms of all sizes can reap the rewards of success well into the future.

Jordan offers a simple suggestion for anyone considering a coworking space: “Basically ask yourself, where would you work from today that would make you the most happy? Because if you are at a spot that makes you happy and comfortable, in turn you’ll be the most productive.”

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