Fall Is in Bloom with Renewable Energy, Financial Services and Office Space at Farmers Park

As the leaves put on their annual colorful display, the cool autumn wind brings continued growth to Farmers Park, with the completion of Building 5. It’s the newest addition to our active, sustainable community in Southeast Springfield.

The building reflects our commitment to a clean energy future and provides convenient access to financial services, executive business space and more for luxury apartment residents and the surrounding area.

Farmers Park Builds on Commitment to Renewable Energy

Building 5 is LEED Silver Certified and boasts a rooftop solar array.

The new solar panels are expected to provide over 40,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year, according to developer Matt O’Reilly. The impact on our carbon footprint is the equivalent to planting 800 trees, taking 150 fossil-fuel-hungry cars off the road, or taking 12 railcars of coal off the tracks.

In addition to helping our environment, investing in alternative energy will also help to lower the operating cost of the building.

Guaranty Bank Brings Financial Services to Farmers Park

While sustainability benefits our environment, Building 5 also supports the financial well-being of our community, as Guaranty Bank brings its headquarters to Farmers Park.

The facility will feature a full-service banking center and drive-through located on the first floor.

With 26,000 square feet on 3 floors, the new headquarters will also be home to executive offices, as well as the bank’s commercial lending, mortgage lending, accounting, marketing, and human resources departments. Bank CEO Shaun Burke described Farmers Park as a “premier destination” with “amenities that fit nicely with our image of the Guaranty Bank of the future.”

Carlye Wannenmacher, Vice President and Director of Marketing, also points to the modern feel of Farmers Park as being compatible with the new banking center’s cutting-edge design and use of advanced technologies in serving its clientele.

The nice variety of restaurants and retail are also attractive to Guaranty Bank’s ideal customers, providing “great exposure for our brand,” says Wannenmacher. In addition, she notes that “The overall aesthetics of the development will provide a very enjoyable work environment for our employees.”

CAST Executive Provides Company Office Space

Building 5 also features a unique workspace option for local businesses.

CAST Executive, an extension of the CAST Co+Work+Space concept, offers private office suites for small businesses with an emphasis on company executives.

  • Private suites are secure and lockable to protect important business assets.
  • Offices exude confidence with warm woods, industrial metals and classic neutrals and accent colors.
  • Suites are unfurnished, giving businesses the flexibility to bring their own and create a welcoming and individualized business environment for clients and employees.
  • Designed for productivity, multiple open spaces give members a place to plug in and work in a more social setting.

It’s the perfect opportunity for companies looking to do business with upscale apartment residents and neighbors in Southeast Springfield.

And Building 5 is just one more reason why it’s never been a better time to live, work and play in our growing, sustainable community at Farmers Park.

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