What Are the Benefits of a Mixed-Use Development?

If you’ve visited before, you know Farmers Park is a special kind of place. We pride ourselves on being a mixed-use community that brings people together through education, entertainment and community.

What do we mean when we say “mixed-use community,” though? In short, it means a place where you can work, play, live and shop. Rather than just being an apartment complex or retail center, we’ve created a style of living that provides access to all you need and keeps you close to the pulse of the city.

What exactly are the benefits of a mixed-use development? Let’s explore what makes Farmers Park stand out among the rest.

All-in-one living

Think about the average house or apartment complex. It’s where you live, sure, but you probably can’t get to a restaurant or store without getting in your car. It may be difficult or impossible to get to the nearest store on foot, not to mention unsafe if you’re crossing busy roads.

Mixed-use development creates a walkable community that allows you to shop, work and dine. For instance, a typical day for a mixed-use resident might look something like this:

  • Work remotely at Cast Co+Work+Space or head to work at one of the many innovative companies that call Farmers Park home—don’t forget to stop for your morning coffee kick at The Press!

Grow in a community

Humans weren’t built to live alone. People of all ages want to live in a community where they can interact with others and grow together. As cities expand, it can be harder and harder to find a place where you can build a genuine community. Those who are isolated put themselves at risk of social disconnectedness, which can lead to poor physical health outcomes and greatly increase your risk of depression and other mental illnesses. Interacting with others on a regular basis keeps you both happier and healthier.

Not only are mixed-use communities better for socialization, they’re better when it comes to your safety too. One study found that mixed-use developments saw less crime than purely commercial or residential areas, likely due in part to the greater sense of community shared by residents. Finding a safe neighborhood has never been easier.

Simply sustainable

Mixed-use communities tend to be greener by default due to the increased walkability, removing the need to drive to several stores or your home. These communities often seek other ways to be sustainable and can extend their reach beyond most neighborhoods thanks to their ability to attract both residential and commercial tenants.

Farmers Park engages in many sustainability efforts that include:

  • Nest thermostats in all apartment complexes
  • Rooftop solar panels
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Recycling bins across apartments and businesses
  • Community gardens and micro-orchards


Want to learn more about becoming involved in our community?

Contact us and discover how you can make the Farmers Park lifestyle yours.

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