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Get Your Hands in the Dirt at Our Community Gardens

Once you’ve tasted a fresh fruit or vegetable, there’s no going back to the grainy taste of supermarket produce. Maybe you get your fix from the farmers market, or you contribute to a CSA and get a share every month. No matter what it is, you get to enjoy the refreshing, clean taste of [...]

Relax & Give Back at Parties in the Park 2019 Series

We’re known for a few things here at Farmers Park: our splash pads, our excellent shops and restaurants, and our fun-filled community events. Parties in the Park is one of our premier events, kicking off the summer season here at Farmers Park. This year, we’re switching up the format to a [...]

Make a Day of It: Winter at Farmers Park

Feeling like winter is dragging on forever? In this weather, we’d all prefer to be homebodies, staying in the comfort of our heated abodes. We’re here to encourage you to be a little adventurous. Once you start to sense the stir-crazy feeling set in, head on down to Farmers Park for a day of [...]

10 Things We Love About Farmers Park

It’s that time of year—supermarket aisles are hued in pink and red, all of your favorite candies are being sold in heart-shaped boxes, and your email inbox is full of bouquet delivery offers from your local florist. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many are preparing to spend quality time with [...]

Stay Green Year-Round With Our Winter Sustainability Tips

In the summer, sustainable practices are easy. We can swing by the farmers market with our reusable tote in tow, walk to closer destinations instead of driving, cook vegetable-heavy meals, and avoid using heat-producing appliances. In the winter, though, being green is a bit more difficult. [...]

Discover Holiday Volunteer Opportunities in Springfield MO

The holidays are a time of happiness and joy meant to be spent around the fireplace with family and exchanging thoughtfully selected presents. For many in the Springfield area, however, this kind of holiday is far from reality. Instead, they may be wondering if they’ll be able to afford toys [...]

Improve Your Work/Life Balance with These 5 Tips

It’s hard to shut off after working all day. It’s just one more email, right? Then, before you know it, it’s nearly midnight. You’ve missed out on most of your day, and you haven’t seen your family. What happened? Maintaining a balance between your work and personal life is key to a healthy [...]

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