Building Community Through Public Art at Farmers Park

How do you define luxury? Once upon a time, luxury was perceived as an unattainable fantasy, catering only to the unceasing whims of a privileged few. At Farmers Park, we have, shall we say, a slightly less imposing view. We believe that luxury is what you make it. It’s about [...]

Farmers Park Welcomes Frankentractor Art Installation

Springfield, Missouri- October 3, 2017- Farmers Park is excited to announce the newest addition to the ever-growing art instillations housed within the multi-use complex. Reminiscent of the rich agricultural history of the Ozarks, “Frankentractor” is a visual integration of objects which have [...]

Welcome the Holidays in Style with Lights & Flights 2017!

Farmers Park invites you to join us on the night before Thanksgiving as we greet the season with food, music, fun and games! Lights & Flights 2017 is your chance to take your picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus, take part in a group lighting of our illustrious orb tree and lots more on this [...]

Fresh Flavors Please the Palate at Farmers Park Restaurants

Whether it’s time for brunch, lunch, dinner or happy hour, the unique restaurants at Farmers Park serve up a plethora of one-of-a-kind culinary creations right here in Southeast Springfield, Missouri. If you’re looking for good places to eat in Springfield, MO, Farmers Park is the place for [...]

Savor the Love at Farmers Park Community Gardens

The Community Garden at Farmers Park is just one of the many ways we support a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for residents of our luxury apartments while giving back to our community. Individual garden plots provide space for individuals, groups and families to grow their own fresh [...]

Sustainability Powers Luxury Living at Farmers Park

Sustainability is coming into its own as a major player in our economy, and Farmers Park is excited to play our part as we embrace a future fueled by renewable energy and sustainable design. Here are just a few ways our commitment to green building and energy efficiency benefit the [...]

Farmers Park Residents Take a Hike for Good Health

Avid hikers already know intuitively that walking in nature is great for the body, mind, and spirit. And science agrees. A few years ago a team of researchers from Stanford found something quite remarkable when comparing individuals who walked in a natural grassland area with those who [...]

Is It Better to Rent or Buy Your Home?

Should I rent or buy my home? That is the question you’re probably asking if you’re shopping for your very first home or looking for a new place to live in Springfield, MO. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as there are many individual factors that will affect your [...]

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